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United Agencies Corporate, Pasadena, CA is Hiring!

Oct 30, 2023 | United Agencies Corporate Blog

We’re Hiring a General Manager!

Primary Functions:

Manage the operations of the organization creating an atmosphere of integrity, profitability, professionalism quality and exceptional service to position the organization for future growth.

Major Responsibilities:

• Strategic planning.
• Manage Carrier Relationships
• Meet with carrier representatives to review YTD production results.
• Discuss major carrier issues with the Board.
• Disseminate relevant information to the members.
• Coordinate virtual road shows with carriers and our members.
• Coordinate any license issues with UA staff.
• Manage Carrier Profit Sharing (PS)
• Review carrier PS results and take action where necessary.
• Assure all lock-ins are elected when available.
• Review and update any new agreements.
• Monitor all PS funds received.
• Working with David Clubb, compile member distribution of all PS funds received.
• Distribution emails sent to all members.
• New Member Marketing
• Respond to incoming requests for information from prospective members and coordinate meetings.
• Identify prospective member candidates and market United Agencies to them.
• Participate in formal proposal discussions with prospective members.
• Purchase all United Agencies Insurance (Including E&O Coverage for Members)
• Gather marketing information needed to market each line of coverage.
• Submit information to the carriers/wholesalers.
• Review all quotes with the Board and bind coverage as directed.
• Invoice/premium finance as necessary.
• Allocate all E&O premiums to individual members and provide information for billing.
• Submit all E&O questions and claims to wholesaler or carrier.
• Prepare UA Annual Budget
• Work with DFO to evaluate and budget annual expenses, allocate and adjust member fees.
• Review with Board for approval.
• Oversee UA Corporate Personnel Issues
• Review and recommend all corporate salaries and bonuses. Handle any HR issues.
• Manage incoming emails from insured customers to UA General Mailbox
• Manage Departed Member Issues
• Review daily IT’s communication log for policies still coded to United Agencies.
• Transfer accounts to the departed agency.
• Review commission reports bi-monthly and approve or reject to departed members.
• Visit Each Member Agency Annually
• Monitor SAFECO Policy Cap Monthly
• Coordinate UA Day
• Establish Financial Controls and Budget and Monitor Accordingly.
• Other Responsibilities as Assigned.


1. Proven insurance agency and financial management experience.
2. Knowledge of insurance industry and agency profit sharing agreements.
3. College degree required.
4. Must be organized and have demonstrated skills for effective written and oral communication with the ability to influence others.

Please Contact David Clubb via email. Or call (818) 295-2215 for assistance.