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“When we formed High Ground in 2007 we found ourselves relegated to line underwriters who had little familiarity with the business we write and seemed to be part of a training group.  After joining UA we found the quality of underwriting and the level of attention paid us had vastly improved.  Several times we have leaned on UA leadership for help in various carrier controversies and have always been impressed at our collective influence.”

Chris Cordill

President, High Ground Insurance Services

“My husband and I were looking to split off from our prior agency. We have a large book and knew we needed to hit the ground running with carrier appointments or we’d never make it. It seemed impossible but when we found UA, we knew we had found just what we needed! The carrier appointments from day one, bookkeeping assistance, and IT support have been invaluable and critical to our success. We would not have been able to take the plunge into opening our own agency with out the support and resources from UA. We love the feeling of mutual support among the group. As a new agency owner, it’s great to have a group of peers to bounce ideas off of and learn from.”

Holly McGlinn, CPCU

President, Breakwater Strategic Insurance Solutions

“I was privileged to join United Agencies on 1/1/2003, after being invited by my good friend, Joe Gieson! Without the resources of UA, I would not have been able to grow my Agency. The ability to communicate and work with all the fine agents that make up UA, has had a tremendous affect on my business. Knowing that you have such a resource behind you, it enables you to do so much more for your clients. This makes UA a very special place. UA gave me, and continues to give me, a very unique opportunity to grow and achieve more in the insurance industry.”

John Sabio

Acacia Associates


Wishing Everyone a Happy Labor Day!

Wishing Everyone a Happy Labor Day!

Wishing our clients, partners and friends a Happy Labor Day! Your partnership and support drive our inspiration to excel. May this day bring you relaxation and joy as we celebrate the collective efforts that make success possible. Enjoy and be safe! Sincerely, Your...

Webinar, Sept. 14th! Topic: The True Competitive Advantage – Leadership Development

Webinar, Sept. 14th! Topic: The True Competitive Advantage – Leadership Development

Webinar Sponsored by United Agencies Insurance Please join us on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 10:00AM – 11:00AM (PST) for our next important webinar entitled: “The True Competitive Advantage: Leadership Development.“ Traditional forms of leadership (e.g., top-down leadership) no longer work for sustained business success. Traditional leaders might see short-term results, but they now struggle to build a culture that (1) attracts and retains top-tier talent, and (2) fuels significant and healthy growth. In fact, recent research has indicated that leaders can operate from one of three levels: 7% of leaders operate from the lowest level; 85% of leaders operate at the middle level; 8% of leader operate at the high level. In this workshop, we will introduce you to what truly elevated leadership is, what it looks like, and why it is so vital for creating an organization with a true competitive advantage.

Benefits of Joining United Agencies Network

Benefits of Joining United Agencies Network

When you join the United Agencies Network, our members retain 100% ownership of their books of business, 100% commissions and 100% profit share retention. By joining our network, you’re teaming up with a successful collective of insurance agencies who have taken their agency to the next level of success, without having to give up control over their business. Some agents worry that by joining an insurance network they will lose their independence. But that is not the case with United Agencies. Receive all of the benefits without losing control or money. We stand by our members and never compromise the value of their membership by appointing their direct competitors. That means you avoid competing with other agencies in our insurance network. Instead, you’re able to share ideas and connect with other agents like never before. Our members report that this is one of the primary benefits of their membership.


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