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Renters Insurance: Big Investment Value at a Low Price

Jul 14, 2022 | United Agencies Corporate Blog

Summer is a time when many people and families take this time of the year to set up property rentals. Whether it’s for college students leaving home, vacation house rental, or perhaps a job relocation, home is where you “hang your hat,” and protecting the things that matter to you is important to us.

United Agencies can help you get your belongings protected at affordable rates. So, if something bad happens in (or to) the place you’re renting, you will be very glad you have the rental coverage!

Did You Know? Many renters are required to have a Renters Insurance policy in place, especially in California, and it’s an invaluable, low-cost policy to have.

A Worthwhile Investment

Many renters don’t realize that Renters Insurance is very reliable coverage to have and it costs far less than you might think. In fact, you could easily spend more money going to Starbucks each year, than you will on Renters Insurance! So take a moment to discuss your Renters Insurance needs with your insurance agent.

What Sets United Agencies Above the Competition?

Our many years of experience, our knowledge base, our access to the best policies, and our ability to get you covered quickly and affordably is what makes United Agencies an industry leader.  Our representatives know the ins and outs of renters insurance, and they will be happy to share their information with you.

Your UA agent can help you:

  • Understand your renters insurance policy and the right choices for you.
  • Find great savings and discounts.
  • Bundle policies and save on cost.
  • Make sense of the claims process and get answers to your questions.
  • Get informed on property coverage, medical coverage, family liability coverage, and many other important factors.
  • Learn how to get prepared and stay protected.

If you have insurance coverage questions or needs contact us for assistance we are happy to help.