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About Our Carriers and Vendors

Our Carrier / Vendor Partnerships

At United Agencies, connecting our members to the products and services they need is what matters most to us. Our relationships with our carrier and vendor partners is the backbone of what help us to help you. With over 100 carriers and wholesale partners and preferred vendors, we have developed strategic relationships with the companies that will help you become the most effective.

We evaluate our carrier partners regularly, to ensure these relationships best serve our members. Our strength as a collective brings tremendous value to each member agency individually.

Our Preferred Vendors have been screened by our team and carry our endorsement. They are evaluated annually (regularly?) and typically offer our member agencies special discounted pricing for their services.

We carefully select Preferred Vendors who are most relevant to our members and provide needed products or services specifically to independent agencies.

Our current Preferred Vendors provide our members with discounted services for such things as:

  • Claims analysis.
  • HR recruiting services.
  • Sales consulting.
  • Identity branded sales and marketing materials.
  • Technology based services.
  • Continuing education.
  • Equipment purchases.
  • And much more!

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