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May is Wildfire Awareness Month, Are You Protected?

May 18, 2022 | United Agencies Corporate Blog

You most likely heard about the recent Laguna Niguel wildfire. Hundreds of firefighters battled the swift-moving blaze, which broke out on May 11th, destroying at least 20 homes in its path, forcing hundreds to evacuate. The Coastal Fire was reported at 2:44 p.m. near the South Orange County Wastewater Authority’s Coastal Treatment Plant, which handles sewage for the Laguna Beach area.

The flames reportedly spread lightening-fast, as they tore through thick brush on the hillsides, aided by ocean winds that sparked spot fires ahead of the main blaze. (Fortunately, the treatment plant was not damaged!)

As of this writing, officials confirmed approximately 900 people were evacuated, 200 acres have been reported as burned, a total of 20 homes were completely destroyed, and 11 were damaged.  Additionally, authorities have said over 500 firefighters were deployed to the scene, two of whom were injured – both firefighters have since been released from the hospital.

As California residents, we hear of these types of wildfire events happening EVERY YEAR, and the fire seasons are lasting longer and longer, which can be very disconcerting for everyone.

DID YOU KNOW? Flying embers from wildfires can ignite and destroy homes as far as ONE MILE AWAY!

At United Agencies, we hope your home and family stay safe this season from wildfires. There are preparatory steps you can take to ensure your home and property are better protected. Learn more about what you can do to Keep Your Home and Family Safe.

But, wildfires are not limited to California! See what’s happening across the country by visiting WildfireToday.com for more info.